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Solcon USA Announces New Partner Saturn Industrial Equipment in Gulf Coast Region

Saturn Industrial Equipment

Christopher Sanderson, Gulf Coast Regional Sales Manager and Steve Candidus, President of Saturn Industrial Equipment, Inc. Mr. Candidus has over thirty-five years of experience in the motors, controls, and drives industry.

The Saturn Industrial Equipment team delivers over 70 years of Experience in Motor Application Knowledge to our Gulf Coast Regional customers.

Cranberry Twp, P.A., September 20, 2016 – Solcon USA is proud to introduce Saturn Industrial Equipment as our new manufacturer representative in our Gulf Coast Region who will be serving Texas and Oklahoma. Solcon is an international leader in providing solid state motor controls across the industrial landscape. "We're excited about Saturn Industrial Equipment's industrial expertise and adding over 70 years of experience in motor application knowledge to our Gulf Coast Regional customers," said George Tichi, Vice President of Sales for Solcon USA.

Saturn Industrial Equipment brings motor application knowledge from some of the world's leading motor manufacturers like Toshiba, ABB, TECO-Westinghouse, Louis-Allis, and Siemens to name a few. "Saturn Industrial Equipment utilizes our vast expertise to solve our client's challenges," said Steve Candidus, President of Saturn Industrial Equipment. "Our solutions and customer support is simply unmatched compared to our competitors. Engineers choose us because we assist them throughout the lifetime of their project and their motor starter application."

"Partnering with Saturn Industrial Equipment solidifies the positive changes we've invested in the Gulf Coast Region," said Christopher Sanderson, Gulf Coast Regional Sales Manager. "As an example of our commitment to our customers, we have been working closer with local distribution partners and switchgear manufacturers to deliver solutions quicker and increase our production capabilities. This year, Solcon USA will be deploying new technologies created specifically to solve challenges facing our industries."

"It's an exciting time for Solcon USA," said Brad Nanna, President of Solcon USA. "We look forward to building upon Solcon's global and national reputation for delivering motor control solutions to our customers in their facilities, in the field, and wherever they need us around the world.


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