Medium Voltage Soft Starters: HRVS-TX


Ratings: Up to 30MW, 15kV
The HRVS-TX transformer soft starter eliminates high inrush currents that
cause nuisance tripping and prevent the damaging effects on transformer windings.

HRVS-TX Information

A unique solution for large transformer high inrush current problems

HRVS-TX Application

The HRVS-TX is the ideal soft-starting solution for medium transformers. The sophisticated TSR-6 transformer protection and control relay eliminates high magnetizing inrush currents that can cause tripping and dynamic shock to the transformer windings.

Advantages at a Glance

  • TSR-6 Control and protection relay-the only relay of its kind
  • Heavy duty design at 50°C ambient temperature
  • Reduced inrush current and dynamic shock
  • Applicable models for any transformer
  • Optional protection package provides many features
  • Transformer heat protection relay - optional
  • Communication - RS485 Modbus
  • Unique starting characteristics
  • User friendly, easy setup and operation
  • Phase shift transformer starting, unique technology
  • Advanced "wireless" Electronic Potential Transformer (optional)
  • Fault indication to each individual fuse
  • Each transformer starter is tested for Partial Discharge (Korona)
  • Wide 40-70Hz range for fluctuating frequency systems

Design Criteria

  • IEC 62271-200 High Voltage switchgear and control gear.
  • IEC 60061-1 High Voltage test techniques,General definitions and test requirements.
  • IEC 60694 Common specifications for high voltage switchgear and control gear standard.
  • IEC 71-1 Insulation co- ordination
  • IEC 71-2 Insulation co- ordination.
  • EN 50178:1998 Electronic equipment for use in power installation.
  • IEC 664 Insulated coordination within low- voltage systems and including clearances and creepage distances for equipment.
  • IEC 60470, UL 347 Vacuum contactors.
  • IEC 282-1 Vacuum contactors
  • DIN 46234 Cable lugs
  • DIN 0472+IEC 754 Medium voltage cables
  • EN 61000-6-2 / 4 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)- Immunity/(EMC)- Emission
  • EEC/72/23 Electrical safety-Council Directive

Standard & Special Transformers

  • Standard: Oil, Dry, Molded, etc.
  • Special: Multi-pole and phase shifting
  • Ratings: Maximum Ratings 30MVA, 15kV
  • Temperature: Operating -10° to 50°C; Storage -20° to 70°C
  • Electrical safety-Council Directive (EC)

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